Working with the iOS Patient Access App

The iOS patient access app connects you with your patients, making it easier than ever for them to communicate with you. They can reach you at their convenience, pay their bills and manage other billing details, and set and manage appointments – right from their iPhone or iPod Touch.

Inviting your patients to download the app.

The first step to collaborating with your patients via the iOS patient access app is to invite them to download the app on their mobile device. From the patient’s profile, you’ll send them an invite to the email address they have on file. To send the invite go to Patient Record > Cog Menu > Send iOS App Invite. The invite email will include instructions on how to download and will include a secure PIN number they’ll use to ensure a secure download.

Who can be invited?

There are a couple of limitations on who can be invited. To successfully be invited to the app, the patient must:

  • Be the head of the family.
  • Have consented to nonsecure methods of communication.
  • Have a valid email address.

Patients can request appointments with their primary physician.

The mobile app allows patients the option to request appointments with their primary doctors. When patients request an appointment with you, you’ll receive an email notification about the request, where you can either confirm or amend the details. These requests are also viewable and editable from your Calendar page by clicking the Pending Appointments button.

If you don’t want to allow patients to request appointments, you can opt-out from inside your profile. Click Edit Profile > “Let patients schedule appointments” option, and adjust your preference.

HealthKit integration makes data tracking super simple.

The HealthKit merges patients’ health and fitness data from multiple applications and houses them in one place. HealthKit integration allows you to work smarter by decreasing the time you spend tracking and managing your patients’ information. While it’s already possible to merge health data with Validic and FitBit, the HealthKit is an extra feature that increases the app’s fitness-tracking capabilities so you can easily monitor your patients’ health and so patients can reach their fitness goals.

Touch ID keeps security and safety top of mind.

Touch ID security decreases patient vulnerability by requesting a fingerprint authentication every time a patient gets back in the app. This security feature is much more difficult to crack than typical passwords, so you and your patients can collaborate safely and effectively. This security feature works on all products that support Touch ID (iPhone 5S and up).

  • Use fingerprints to log in
  • Reduce risk

Resetting Patient Passwords

If your patient would like to reset their password, they can do so from right inside the Patient Access App. To update the password, click on “Account” and then “Update Password.” Enter, then save the new information.

In the event your patient can’t log in at all, you can reset their password for them. Simply open their profile in the EMR and click on the cog icon on the right-hand side of the screen. Select “Update iOS Settings” and enter a new password. Then save your changes. Please note you must make this change in the Head of Household’s profile.

Then once they’re logged back in successfully they’ll be able to change their password to anything they want using the above instructions.

We’re working on additional features for the iOS app, so stay tuned for updates!

Still stuck? Shoot us an email and we'll do our best to help.