Clinic Billing

The Clinic Billing page lets you control two big aspects of the billing integration of your clinic with

How you pay for

Since is a subscription service, we’ll bill your clinic’s credit card once a month, provided that your trial period is over. You can read more about our pricing here:

If you wish to update the credit card number that we charge on these subscriptions, just click the Update Credit Card button on the Clinic Billing page.

How transfers money to your account

If you choose to bill using’s capabilities, you’ll send invoices and receive payments through directly. If patients or companies choose to pay through credit card, we’ll collect the invoices on your behalf, and the application will periodically transfer the money to your bank account every two days. charges 2.1% + .30ยข per transaction for online patient payments in credit card fees. That amount is taken from the amount that will be transferred to your bank account.


You will be notified on two occasions regarding payment services:

  • You will be notified each time begins a transfer to your bank account. The email notification will include the amount being transferred, for what time period the funds are from, and when you can expect the transaction to be complete.
  • You will also be notified if for some reason the transaction doesn’t go through successfully. Usually this is because your bank information is incorrect, or incomplete. You’ll be shown a link you can follow to update your information; you can also find this in your account section.
Still stuck? Shoot us an email and we'll do our best to help.