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We’re Here for You. All the Time.

We’re a Direct Primary Care practice. Ultimately, that means we get to spend more time with you, whenever you need it, without making you jump through the hoops of a traditional medical practice.

We love it, our current patients love it, and we think you will too.

Fewer Patients = More Time for You

An Atlas MD doctor cares for hundreds of patients while a traditional doctor cares for thousands. We do this on purpose; it’s no wonder we have so much time for you. Because we limit the number of patients we see, our schedule is open and we’re available when you need us — no matter what time of the day or part of the week. 

Insurance-Free = Hassle-Free

We don’t accept insurance. But get this. Most of our patients actually save money as a result. As an Atlas MD member, we can help you find the combination of healthcare and health insurance that saves you money and results in better quality service.

Multiple Locations = Convenience For You

You won’t have to worry about traveling far for your doctor’s appointment. Because we have multiple locations in Wichita, we are always a short drive away. At Atlas MD, you can have a personal relationship with your doctor whether you’re an East-sider or a West-sider!

Extended Visits = Relaxed Visits

You won’t feel rushed through an appointment and there’s never a question you won’t have time to ask. Part of the relationship you’ll build with your doctor is based on your understanding of your care. That’s what we call personal healthcare.

Are you ready to become
a member of Atlas MD?

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