How Do I Manage Patients?

The “Patients” page contains a full list of all patients in the system. They’re organized first by patients assigned directly to you, and then patients enrolled with the clinic. They’re arranged alphabetically, and are editable by clicking the person’s name.

Upon clicking on the patient’s name, you can see all the details associated with that person, including a stream of all communication you’ve shared with the patient, and their detailed, comprehensive health history. Much of the information the patient filled out in the enrollment form was automatically applied here once their enrollment was confirmed.

Patient Search

On the patient search page, you can view a full list of patients. The information overview tells you how many patients, doctors and companies you can filter through. You can filter patients a couple different ways.

  • You can type in the patient’s name, family name, doctor, or company in the patient search box. Select the patient you’re looking for from the resulting list.
  • You can also use the up and down arrows by the column categories to filter by category. This method will group them alphabetically, and reverse-alphabetically using that category as the primary piece of information.

Viewing Archived Patients

From the patient search page, you can view archived patients by clicking the “View archived patients” button on the screen. This will take you to a list of all your previous, or non-active patients.

Editing the Patient’s Medical History

From the patient’s portfolio, you can add/edit medical information by clicking “edit” in the appropriate section.


You can add a note to the patient’s chart by following the steps here.

Once a note has been added, you can edit it from the patient’s profile. When you hover over the note, the following options appear: Reply, Delete, Edit.

Selecting Reply allows you to have a conversation about the patient with other users in the system. Selecting Delete removes the note entirely, and selecting Edit allows you to adjust the details of the note, such as the note content, and entry timestamp.


By selecting Tasks from the patient’s profile, you can see all completed and upcoming tasks associated with that patient. The completed tasks will already be checked off, while upcoming tasks will have an unchecked checkbox next to them.

When you hover over an upcoming task, you have the options to Reply, Delete, or Edit. Selecting Reply allows you to reply directly to that particular task. Selecting Delete removes it from the stream entirely, and selecting Edit allows you to edit the details, such as the task content and timestamp, as well as who is responsible for the task. Read more about task management here.


By selecting Appointments from the patient profile, you can see all the appointments that are scheduled, and that have occurred for that patient. They’re organized by date – most recent at the top, furthest away from today toward the bottom. Read more on scheduling appointments here.


When you add attachments, you can see all of them in once place by selecting “Attachments” from the patient’s portfolio. You will see a thumbnail version of the file, but you can download the full resolution version by clicking “Download File.”

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