How Can I Add a Note to My Patient's File?

Adding a note to your patient’s file is doable from the patient’s chart page. Just click the plus sign in the top right of the patient’s chart page.

Any notes you make elsewhere in the app, which are tagged to the patient, will automatically cultivate in the patient’s activity stream. This is the case for appointments you create from the calendar, for example.

Saving Drafts automatically saves any notes you may be working on but for added peace of mind, you can also actively save notes.

To do so, create a note as you normally would by clicking on the plus icon in the upper right corner of a patient’s chart, then selecting “Note”.

If you’d like to work on the note later, click “Save Draft” instead of “Add Note”.

Your drafts will be displayed next to your patient’s name in the upper left corner. You can continue working on the draft by clicking on “x drafts”, selecting the draft in question, then writing it as you would a normal note.

Draft Widget

If you’d like to have all of your recent drafts front and center on your dashboard, you can enable the Draft Widget from the dashboard configuration settings. From your dashboard, click on the plus icon in the upper right corner, then select “Drafts” from the list of available widgets.

You can continue working on a draft by selecting it or navigate to the full list of drafts by clicking the title of the widget.

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