Editing Notes

The creator of a note can edit its content by clicking the pencil icon in the lower right corner of the note. Keep track of why you edited a note by entering what you changed and why in the “Reason for the edit” field.

When a note has been changed, the word “Edited” will appear just below the timestamp in the note’s upper right corner. By clicking the word “Edited,” you can view the previous version of the note, in addition to the most recent (edited) version.

You can also see exactly what has changed from version to version by clicking “Show me what has changed since this version” which is located just under the note’s content. Anything that has been edited, added or deleted will be highlighted for your comparison.

How is This Useful?

In a world where many physicians are used to spending a large block of time charting, and then amending those charts, the Notes Editing feature in Atlas.md could be a breath of fresh air for many reasons.

With a way to edit any note, anytime, you’re not locked to the computer you originally logged the note from when you should be seeing patients instead. No need to dig to the end of a chart to find information that could be relevant at the ´╗┐beginning´╗┐ of the chart; the most accurate and best version of your note will always be front and center – right where it should be.

To tie it all together, documentation about what changed, why it changed, and by who is just as visible as the note itself.

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