How Do I Schedule a Patient Appointment?

There are multiple ways you can create an appointment:

Scheduling a Patient Appointment from the Patient’s Profile

From the patient’s chart, select to enter a new note by clicking “create new entry.” From the note type options, select “Appointment” which will then prompt you to enter a time, length of appointment, date, and physician with whom the appointment is scheduled.

Scheduling a Patient Appointment from the Calendar

You can also schedule from right inside calendar view.

From the calendar, you can schedule a new appointment by entering the patient’s name, confirming who you are as a user, specifying the details of the appointment (date, time, length, and description, repeating) and save.

The appointment will then show up on the calendar.

Patient Notifications

You have the option to notify your patient when an appointment has been scheduled.

As you’re entering the appointment details, you’ll see a dropdown with the options available to you, depending on the information you’ve entered in the patient’s chart.

Included in those options are sending a text message or an email. Select which option you’d like to use, and click “Add New Appointment.”

Custom Appointment Notes

If you opted to notify the patient, you have the option to add a customized note that will give patients more information about what they can expect from the appointment.

If the notification is SMS, your note has a maximum length of 100 characters.

When writing the note, you can use also macros to save time. To do this, simply type “#” and then the name of your macro.’s macro autocompleter will do the rest.

Once you’re happy with your selection, finalize the appointment and your patient will be notified with the custom note.

Appointment Reminders automatically sends two appointment reminders to patients. The first is sent one week before the appointment, the second is sent one day before the appointment.

The reminder is sent using the patient’s preferred method of contact, which can be email or SMS.

The preferred method of contact can be set two ways: at the time of enrollment (which the patients can do themselves while completing the online enrollment forms), or later from the patient’s profile page (which is done by a clinic user).

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