How Can I Manage My Tasks?

Stay organized everywhere throughout by creating tasks for yourself. You can also assign tasks to others from within by adjusting the responsible party. You can access your tasks in your profile by clicking the left hand sidebar checkmark icon.

Viewing All Tasks

The main stream of the tasks page shows you all your tasks. If you associated the task to a patient, you’ll see the patient’s name, which links to the patient’s task page. You’ll also see the task name and when it’s due; clicking the task brings up the task details, which you can then edit.

Overdue tasks will be categorized as “Incomplete Tasks” while future tasks will be categorized as “Upcoming Tasks.”

Viewing Completed Tasks

When you check off a task, it will automatically be sent to your list of completed tasks. You can view this list by clicking “View Completed Tasks” from the settings gear icon dropdown. The resulting list will be filtered by General tasks, and tasks associated with patients. You’ll see when it was marked complete. You can uncheck any task to move it back to the “Incomplete Tasks” list. You may also edit, or delete any of these tasks.

Viewing Tasks Account-Wide and Filtering by User

A comprehensive tasks menu means more accountability and easier communication between staff members when managing and tracking tasks. You can choose to view all of your staff’s tasks at the same time, making sure no individual’s tasks get missed if they are out sick.

Creating a New Task

There are three ways to create a new task.

1. From your dashboard. If you have your tasks as an active widget there, simply clicking the plus sign icon will guide you through creating a new task.

2. From your tasks page (accessible from your profile section). Click the plus sign icon in the upper right corner to begin the process.

3. From the patient’s activity stream. Click the plus sign icon in the upper right corner, and select “Task” from the resulting options.

Editing a Task

To edit an existing task, view the task details by clicking the task’s name. From there, click “Edit Task” and make the desired changes. You can edit the task description, who is responsible for completion, the patient tagged to the task, and the due date.

If a patient was not previously added to a task, you can add one by editing the task. Moving forward, the task will be associated with that patient and show up in the patient’s activity as well as in your activity stream.

Deleting a Task

To delete an existing task that has not been completed, click the task’s name to see the details. Then click “Delete Task” to remove the task permanently.

Marking a Task as Complete

To mark a task as complete, check the box to the left of the task. Alternatively, you can click the details of the task, then click the button for “Mark as Completed.” That task will move to the list of “Completed Tasks” which you can view by clicking “View completed tasks” in the upper right corner. To move a completed task back to the active/due list, uncheck the checkbox to the left of the task. It will then show up in the activity stream once again.

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