What Can I Do From the Settings Page?

On the Settings page, accessible from the Account drop-down in your main navigation, you can add and update many important elements of your account, such as setting the correct timezone, adding multiple locations, uploading your logo, and more.

Let’s break down each of these options below.

Branch Locations

If you have multiple locations, this section is where you can enable the multiple locations feature, add new branch locations, and include individual contact information for each one.

If you want to know more about adding a new branch location, check out this help article.

Localization Settings

The localization settings allow you to set which timezone your practice is in, and whether or not you’d like to use the metric system.

To update these settings, click Update Localization Settings and make your desired changes.

Logos and Images

Do you have a killer logo that defines your clinic? This is where you can upload multiple versions of your logo to be used throughout Atlas/md, as well as on any branded material you print and distribute to patients.

Click Update Files to upload or update your company logo, a horizontal version, as well as the logo you’ll use on invoices to patients.

Patient Hub

The Patient Hub lets patients interact with your clinic from their own integrated account, providing them with communication, self-scheduling, payment, and billing management tools.

You can invite an existing patient to create an account with the Patient Hub by clicking, Patient Hub Login Link and following the prompts.

Learn more about the Patient Hub.

Patient Enrollment Form

You can do many things in the Patient Enrollment Form section, including:

  • Enable patient enrollment
  • Find your patient enrollment link
  • Upload your clinic’s unique patient enrollment agreement
  • Offer short enrollment options
  • Set whether or not you’ll require your patients to enter a credit card at the time of enrollment
  • Include an enrollment welcome email
  • Change subscriptions options
  • Set subscription auto charge days

You can adjust these settings directly on the Settings page, or by clicking View and Update Settings.

Security Options

This section allows you to control the security settings of your account.

Here you can choose to enable two-step authentication (which we highly suggest) and choose whether or not you’d like your account to automatically log out after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Click Update Settings to adjust both options.

Third Party Integrations

If you have any third parties integrated into your Atlas.md account, such as RubiconMD or DrFirst, you’ll find them here.

Click the buttons to the far right of the screen to interact with the 3rd party integrations.

Learn more about DrFirst here.

Learn more about RubiconMD here.

Referral Program

We love getting even more people to join DPC, which is why we have a generous referral program to incentivize more users to join.

Click Learn More, copy the referral link, and send it to your friends! For each friend that takes your (excellent) advice and signs up using your link, we’ll credit your account $300.

Still stuck? Shoot us an email and we'll do our best to help.