What Can I Do From the Settings Page?

On the Account Settings page, accessible from the Account drop down in your main navigation, you can add and update many important elements of your account, such as set the correct timezone, add multiple locations, upload your logo and more.

Branch Locations

If you have multiple locations, this is where you can enable the multiple locations feature within your account, and add individual contact information for each one. Learn more about that over here.

Localization Settings

Using the localization settings, you can set which timezone your practice is in, and whether or not you’d like to use the metric system. To update these settings, click “Update Localization Settings” and make your desired changes.

Logos and Images

This is where you can upload multiple versions of your logo to be used throughout Atlas, as well as on branded material you print and distribute to patients. Click “Update Files” to upload or update your company logo, a horizontal version of it, as well as the logo you’ll use on invoices to patients.

Extra Charges

This is where you can set those extra charges, such as an internal phlebotomy charge, external phlebotomy charge, or even shipping charge. These numbers will automatically translate to the patient’s invoice when incur such charges. Click “Update Charges” to adjust these amounts at any time.

Patient Enrollment Form

You can do many things from the patient enrollment section of the settings page including upload your clinic’s unique patient enrollment agreement form, set the doctors who are available for when your patients enroll online using your enrollment form, and set whether or not you’ll require your patients to enter a credit card at the time of enrollment. Click “View and Update Settings” to adjust these, grab the embed code for your enrollment form so you can paste it on your website, enter a custom thank you note when a patient enrolls, write a custom email your new patients will receive upon enrolling successfully, and finally, you can set which subscriptions are available to your patients, including which days you’d like to make available for auto-charge.

Inventory Responsible

To set who receives notifications on when inventory has been updated, or when you’re low or completely out of stock on inventory, click “Update Settings” to list each recipient separated by semicolon.

Security Options

In your security settings, you can elect to enable two step authentication, and whether or not you’d like to automatically log a user out after 30 minutes of inactivity.

3rd Party Integrations

If you have any third parties integrated to your account, such as RubiconMD, they’ll be listed here.

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