The Patient Hub

Bridging the gap between doctor and patient communication.

The Patient Hub provides patients with the tools to manage appointments and billing and communicate directly with your clinic.

Doctor-patient communication has never been more seamless.

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Your Patient Hub account integrates directly with your clinic, allowing existing patients to easily create accounts and start using its features.

Secure registration

To ensure a safe and secure registration process, every patient's email address is verified. Only registered patients will be able to use a Patient Hub account.

Contact. Communicate.

When a patient logs in to their Patient Hub account, your clinic's contact information will be the first thing they see.

Call, text, or email - all communication options, front and center.


The Patient Hub contains an optional feature that allows patients to self-schedule appointments based or available dates and time slots that you set. No more phone calls, emails, or inquiries to find out when you're free.

Review upcoming appointments

Never have another missed consultation.
Patients can see exactly when their next appointment is well ahead of time.

Manage billing and payments

The Patient Hub lets patients know exactly how much they owe and when it's due. Select a payment method and settle accounts with one click - it's that simple.

Multiple payment methods

Bank transfer. Visa, Mastercard - patients enjoy a multitude of payment methods directly inside the app.