If a fax message fails to go through, you can see why it failed, who the failed message was sent to, and easily resend the fax without re-entering all the information. You also have the option to resend fax messages that did go through successfully without entering the information again.

If the Fax Fails

If a fax message doesn’t go through properly, a message that it failed along with the option to view details on why it failed and the ability to resend the message will appear in the stream inside the patient’s chart. An email notification is sent to the person who sent the fax alerting them of the failure.

Resending a Successful Fax

To resend a fax that has gone through successfully, view the fax details, which are accessible from the fax note inside the patient’s chart. Click “Resend Fax” to resend the same fax; you won’t have to re-enter any information.

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