Faxing in Atlas.md

How it Works.

Atlas.md supports outbound faxing, which is great for handling correspondence to entities like pharmacies, other medical facilities and frequently used contacts.

And although some places (most pharmacies, for example) still require faxes, that doesn’t mean you have to go splurge on a giant machine to put in the corner of your office. Atlas employs a third party for outbound faxes, and with the use of your favorite e-fax service for inbound faxes, you may not have to purchase a fax machine at all. Just another way to save on overhead costs as a DPC practice! Let’s take a closer look at how it all works and answer some questions you might have right away.

Does My Clinic Have a Fax Number?

No, your clinic doesn’t have a fax number through Atlas. Atlas uses a fax provider to send outbound fax messages directly from the EMR. However, when you send prescriptions via fax, you can add your clinic’s fax number to be included with the rest of your clinic’s information. (Learn how to do that over here.)

Using an E-Fax Service with Atlas.md.

These days you don’t need an actual fax machine to send and receive faxes. Instead, you can use an e-fax service like HelloFax.com, or RingCentral.com. Services like this are relatively inexpensive, pretty darn reliable, and nice to trees. Who doesn’t want to save trees? They’re perfect for faxing full charts and other large documents, and the “fax to email” feature comes in pretty handy, too.

If you’re into the details of how e-fax services work, catch up here real quick.

While you won’t be directly integrating your E-fax service with Atlas, there is a way to receive faxes to Atlas using the email integration feature of your files inbox. Translation: When you receive faxes to your email through your e-fax service, you can have them sent to your Atlas account’s email address. (Your account’s email address can be found in your files Inbox by going to the settings cog > Email-in Support.). Messages sent to your account’s email address show up in your files inbox, and can then be routed where you need them to go.

How to Send a Fax

Sending a fax message from inside Atlas is simple. The exact steps, including a video, are outlined in this support article about sending a fax message. Fax messages don’t always go through, though. If the fax message fails, you can ascertain why and when, and even resend the message without entering all the information again by following the steps here.

Faxing an Attachment

You can’t send an attachment directly from Atlas, but you can fax attachments other ways. The best way to fax attachments is by going to Patient > Attachments, then select whichever attachments you want to fax. From there, go to Cog Wheel > Download record (or print record). You’ll use that to fax or email (if the patient has consented to email communication) using your physical fax machine, or an e-fax service like the one mentioned earlier in this article.

Need Troubleshooting Help?

If you’ve gone through the motions and still have questions about faxing, we’re here to help. We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions related to faxing in Atlas.md. Check them out here!

Still stuck? Shoot us an email and we'll do our best to help.