Fax Troubleshooting

Have you already read up on faxing in Atlas.md? Still stuck? You’re in the right place. This article goes through some of the most common issues associated with faxing, and what to do if you run into them.

What to do if your fax fails.

fax.pngIf your fax message doesn’t go through the first time, Atlas will attempt to resend the fax five times. If it still fails to connect, a message that it failed along with the option to view details on why it failed and the ability to resend the message will appear in the activity stream inside the patient’s chart. An email notification is sent to the person who sent the fax alerting them of the failure.

There are several ways a fax could fail, including a temporary network issue. For this reason, the first thing we suggest is waiting about 5 minutes, then trying to send the fax again. It’s possible the network issue was a temporary glitch and simply waiting a bit and resending will resolve the issue. But be sure to double check the fax number you’re sending to is correct; you’d be surprised how often this gets mis-entered!

Your fax might also fail because the receiving fax machine is busy – Atlas will only try so many times before giving up on the transaction.

How to check the status of faxing

If you’ve double and triple checked that the number you’re faxing to is being entered correctly and is a valid number but your fax still won’t go through, there’s a chance Atlas’ third party faxing service is experiencing a temporary glitch. If you think this might be the case, you can do two things. You can email us at support@atlas.md, or you can check our status page. The status page will directly tell you if any part of Atlas is offline, including outgoing faxes.

A pharmacy has flagged your fax number.

Each clinic is not assigned one specific fax number. Therefore, when faxes are sent out, Atlas’s fax provider uses a randomly selected number each time. This causes the “fax to” field to differ from the number the fax is actually coming from. Sometimes pharmacies see this and think the prescription is fabricated, but typically all it takes is a phone call to the pharmacy to resolve the issue. Simply explain the nature of faxing within Atlas, and establish trust with the pharmacy.

Still stuck? Shoot us an email and we'll do our best to help.