How Can I Manage Users on Our Account?

To manage the users that can access your account:

  • Click Account, then Users from the top navigation
  • Here, you’ll see their avatar, the nickname they have set for themselves, their role and title (Doctor, Nurse, etc), and whether or not they have multi-factor authentication enabled with an authenticator app
  • You can’t change any user’s actual information—that’s their account. However, you can change their role, type, and location, or revoke their access by deleting their account.
  • To edit their role, type, and location, hover over a user and click on the pencil icon to the right of the screen, then choose from the appropriate dropdowns.
  • To delete a user’s account, over their name and click on the trash can icon to the right of the screen. This won’t change the historical record of any actions taken by that user inside while their account was active.

If they’re looking for your user settings, you can find them in the sidebar by clicking on your avatar’s photo.

If you’d like to add new users, simply click the plus sign on the top right of the screen. Enter the requested information by following the prompts, and once you’re happy with your selection, click Save.

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