How Do I Manage My Calendar?

Your calendar is where you can see all the appointments, both personal and clinic related. Doctors and nurses can block out times for appointments which are color coded for differentiation purposes.

You can filter the view of the calendar by checking or unchecking the boxes for those who have calendar entries. Finally, add a new appointment right from this page by filling in the appropriate details, including who the appointment is with, the time date, and length.

The calendar overview tells you how many calendars there are total, and when your next event is. You can view the calendar by month, week, or day.

Syncing your EMR Calendar with External Calendars

You can sync your EMR calendar with iCal, or Outlook, Google Calendar, or any other 3rd party calendar service you set up. However, the sync is one way only. Appointments made in the EMR will show up in those other services, but appointments made in those other services will not transfer to the EMR.

Filtering Calendar Views

You can view one person’s calendar, just your calendar, or everyone’s calendar! To filter your calendar views, select from the “Select calendars” drodown. Uncheck or check the calendars you’d like to view.

Adding a New Calendar Appointment

To add a new event or appointment to your calendar, click the “+” on the calendar page. Select the date of the appointment. You’ll be given the option to enter a specific time, add a patient’s name, and enter a description. If you associate the appointment with a patient, you’ll also be given the option to notify them via email. To confirm which email address the notification will be sent to, hover over the information icon next to “Notify Patient.” If there isn’t an email address on file, you’ll need to enter one in the patient’s chart. Until then, you won’t be able to notify the patient of the appointment. Then click “Add New Appointment” to add the event to your calendar, or “Cancel” to dismiss.

The image on the create screen shows you what times are already blocked out for that day so you don’t accidentally double book. When you hover over the blocked out areas you’ll see the appointment details.

Changing the Color of Your Calendar

You can change the color of your calendar by going to your profile, which is accessible from the sidebar. Click “Edit Profile,” then click the current color, and select from the resulting list of options.

Changing the Default Appointment Length for your Clinic

If your patient appointments don’t always run the standard 30 minutes, the EMR will adjust right along with you. EMR users with administrative privileges can increase or decrease the clinic’s default appointment length by first navigating to the calendar. From the settings cog in the upper right corner, select “Calendar and Appointment Settings.”

From there, choose the preferred default appointment length and click to save your changes.

This default appointment time will also be visible in the Patient Access App when patients request appointments.

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