What Do I Need to Know About the In-House Pharmacy?

Running an in-house pharmacy provides incredible value to your patients’ membership. You’re not only saving them time from having to run all over town to pharmacies, you’re taking advantage of each opportunity to interact with them about their condition. Filling refills gives you greater visibility to how the medication is affecting the patient, and lets your patients know how much you truly care about them. Read more about the benefits of running an in-house pharmacy here.

When you’re ready to get set up, there are two main action items to the pharmacy: prescribing, and dispensing.


When you prescribe a prescription to a patient, you’re essentially sending a fax to an outside pharmacy to fill. This can be done from inside Atlas.md – follow the steps here.

Simultaneously, Atlas.md will also email the order to the patient so that they have proof of the prescription (optional).

Learn how to prescribe medications here.


When you physically hand (or mail) prescriptions to a patient, this is the dispensing part of the in-house pharmacy. What ultimately happens when you dispense medications is that you print a label for the prescription, and print the postage if you’re mailing it. You can do all of this from inside Atlas.md.

Learn how to dispense medications here.

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