To dispense medications from your in-house pharmacy in Atlas, you’ll first have to go to your patient’s profile. Once there, click the plus sign in the right-hand corner of the screen, then select the Rx icon.

Add all the details of your prescription including the medication type, quantity, units, and usage instructions. You can also choose to simply pull up a favorited medication to save time. Once you’re satisfied with the details of the prescription click “Add drug to prescription.”

Keep in mind that when selecting the medication type, the drugs that appear at the top of the list with a remaining stock number are the ones currently available in your local inventory. If a drug doesn’t have a stock number next to it, then it’s unavailable and will have to be obtained from a pharmacy.

If you want to add more medications, simply repeat the above process, clicking “Add drug to prescription” for each separate one. Once you’ve added all the medications you need, specify who you’re prescribing for.

At this point, you can also elect to add the medication to your patient’s current medication list and keep it there even after it’s run out.

Once you’ve added all the drugs you want to prescribe, click “Add Prescription.”

You’ll now be brought to the Prescriptions overview page. At this point, the prescription hasn’t actually been dispensed yet, so there’s still time to change certain details if you need to. Clicking the settings icon in the top right-hand corner of the page gives you the option to:

  • Edit the prescription
  • Delete the prescription
  • Ship the prescription to the patient
  • Print an envelope label

You can also “Prescribe Again” by clicking the button next to the settings icon.

When you’re ready to dispense the prescription, click “Dispense & Print Labels.”

Atlas will generate a PDF of the label which can then be printed and attached to your medication bottles using a Dymo label printer. The amount of medication just prescribed will now reflect in your local inventory.

If you’re unsure how to manage your local inventory, check out this help article.

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