You can set and manage your favorite prescription drugs a couple different ways.

The ‘My Favorites’ Page

By selecting “My Favorites” from the Prescriptions dropdown in your main navigation, you’ll view a list of the prescription drugs you’ve tagged as your favorites. You can add new ones by clicking the plus sign icon in the upper right corner. Edit or delete drugs from your favorites by clicking either the pencil icon or the trash can icon, which are viewable when hovering over the drug.

The ‘Prescription’ Page

You can also add a prescription drug to your list of favorites from the patient’s prescription page itself. When viewing the drug you’ve prescribed to a patient, hover over the medication and notice a star icon appear to the right of the medication’s name. Clicking the star marks it as one of your favorites. Once the drug has been successfully marked as a favorite, the star will remain visible. Clicking the star icon again will remove the medication from your list of favorites.

Prescribing From Your List of Favorites

As you’re prescribing for a patient, you’ll then have the option to choose from a list of your favorites. The details will autocomplete based on the settings of the prescription you marked as “Favorite” but you can change these as needed. Add the drug to your prescription, and follow the prompts to complete the process..

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