How Will I Know When My Inventory is Low?

On the Inventory page, there are a couple ways you can determine your inventory status from the “In Stock” column. The number left in inventory gives you at-a-glance pulse for how many remaining units you have. You can also tell if you’re running low by the bar graph. Green (plenty left!), yellow (you might be running low soon!) and red (you’re running low!) colors indicate status, too.

You can sort your inventory using the “In Stock” column to see which items you’re lowest on. To see the lowest inventory items at the top of your list, make sure the arrow is pointing up.

Email Notifications

If you’re typically a hands-off inventory manager, Atlas has you covered. Atlas will give you a heads up by way of email notification when you have inventory that is either running low, or out of stock completely. The email will include specifically what you’re low on or out of, and will be sent to the person(s) in charge of inventory.

Who Gets the Email Notifications?

To see, or adjust who receives the email notifications, go to Prescriptions > Inventory > Settings Cog Wheel > Inventory Responsible. You can list multiple email addresses here – just separate them by semicolon. Anyone listed here receives an email alert anytime an inventory item is edited, as well as when inventory is low or out of stock.

Updating Your Inventory

To update the amount in your inventory, click on the medication name from the list. Then choose to edit the inventory item. Edit the quantity ordered and in stock – and make sure to note the reason for editing the medication. If a new medication has been bought by the clinic, the user shouldn’t edit the inventory quantity but instead add a new entry to the Inventory. This will all be trackable for later review.

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