As you order prescriptions, you can select which pharmacy is most convenient for the patient to have them filled. This is where the list of pharmacy options lies.

If you can’t find the pharmacy you need, you can either:
  • Pick the Custom Pharmacy option and enter the details on the pop-up form
  • Or navigate to Account from the top navigation, and then select Pharmacies to add a new pharmacy to the list

If you prefer, email support at and we’ll do our best to improve our pharmacy database to suit your needs.

Setting a Pharmacy as a Favorite

If you find yourself using the same pharmacies over and over again, you can make the process of selecting one of those pharmacies easier by:

  • Heading to the Account from the top navigation, and then Pharmacies
  • Then clicking the star to the right of your selected locations

Removing that pharmacy from your list of favorites is as easy as clicking the star again.

Check out this support article for more information about setting favorited prescriptions.

Faxing a Prescription

When faxing a prescription to a pharmacy, you’ll notice the option to choose from those you’ve set as favorites.

If for some reason you don’t see your favorited pharmacy in the options, please make sure that pharmacy has a fax number correctly listed.

Not all pharmacies have fax numbers associated with them (although our database is continually growing!) but you can manually add the fax number from the Pharmacies page.

Still stuck? Shoot us an email and we'll do our best to help.