In addition to dispensing medication locally and prescribing medication electronically using DrFirst, Atlas also allows users to send prescriptions via fax.

To do this you’ll first have to prescribe a medication to the patient from the patient’s chart.

Creating a Prescription

From the patient’s chart, click the plus sign on the righthand side of the screen, then the prescription pill icon.

Enter the medication name in the appropriate field, and set the quantity and the form the medication comes in. You can also enter the number of days the medication is to be taken, how many refills are allowed, usage instructions if any, and the reason the patient is taking the prescription.

When you’re finished entering the details of the drug you want to add to the prescription, click “Add drug to prescription”.

You can also opt to prescribe these medications yourself or on behalf of someone else who has prescription privileges. If the person on whose behalf you’re prescribing is not the patient’s primary physician, you’ll need to confirm this by manually electing to proceed when the pop-up confirmation appears.

Once you have finished writing out all the drugs for your patient’s prescription, click “Add Prescription.”

You’ll now be brought to the Prescriptions Detail page. Here you can review the details of the prescription you just added as well decide the type of action you would like to send it.

Sending the Fax

To fax the completed prescription, click on the “Fax” button. Here you will be presented with a list of favorited pharmacies that you have recently used. If the pharmacy you want to send the prescription to isn’t available on that list, simply search for it by name, or enter the corresponding fax number.

From here you can also opt to send a voided PDF of the prescription to the patient via email, as well as write a short instructional note for the pharmacist.

When you’re happy with all of the specifics of the prescription and ready to fax it, click “Fax pharmacy.”

It’s worth keeping in mind that the process of sending and receiving faxes usually takes a couple of minutes, but you don’t have to wait around for it to finish. If there are any issues, we’ll send you a notification email with instructions on how to send the prescription again.

Still stuck? Shoot us an email and we'll do our best to help.