There are a number of different ways you can prescribe medications in Atlas.

Local Inventory

Many clinics in the US stock and operate a local inventory of medication that lets doctors dispense medication to their patients directly. Atlas allows doctors to manage, prescribe and dispense drugs from these local inventories, or to send out prescriptions with patients for drugs they don’t stock.

When dispensing from local inventory you can print prescription labels to attach to medication bottles using a Dymo Printer, as well as send instructions for use via email.

For more detailed information about dispensing medication from your local inventory, check out this help article.

Fax-out or Printing

If you’re prescribing non-dispensable medication (medication that you don’t have in your local inventory or that can’t be dispensed in-house) you have the option of either faxing the prescription to a patient’s pharmacy of choice or printing the prescription and passing it on with the patient.

Atlas allows you to select the pharmacy you would like to send the prescription to from a local database, or enter the fax number directly. You can also easily print the prescription from the Prescriptions page.

For more detailed information about sending a prescription via fax, check out this help article.

eRx with DrFirst

Atlas also provides e-prescribing capabilities for users who have registered with DrFirst. Once integrated, you’ll be able to use DrFirst’s e-prescribing software, Rcopia, in order to simply and electronically prescribe medication to patients.

All actions taken within Rcopia are automatically synchronized in Atlas, meaning your patient charts and prescription histories will always up to date. Rcopia’s inventory management system also gives you precise control over medication and their remaining quantities.

For more detailed information about how to prescribe medication electronically using DrFirst and Rcopia, check out our help article.

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