How Can I Enroll a New Patient?

There are multiple ways to enroll a patient.


You can enter the patient details, including health history, medications, contact information, and more.

Using the Patient Enrollment Form

This feature allows clinics to use an iframe to embed a patient enrollment form in their own websites – similar to the way you would embed a YouTube video. You can get your embed code from the Account > Settings > Patient Enrollment Form section. Don’t worry — your patient’s information is secure when they enroll online. Get the details on that over here.

The patient enrollment form is also available in Spanish. Upon landing on the enrollment page, the patients will have the option to select a checkbox for the Spanish version – English is the default language.

Handling Unconfirmed Enrollments

Once the patient enrolls, their registration goes into the “Patients > Unconfirmed Enrollment” section. To validate the entry as approved, and legitimate, you must do so from this page. Once it’s confirmed, the patient will be listed as a legitimate patient, and edits can be made to their chart from the patient profile section.

Until the clinic has approved the enrollment, the patient who has submitted the enrollment form through the clinic’s website will remain unconfirmed, and will not enter the billing cycle.

You’ll be notified of unconfirmed enrollments two ways. In addition to an email notification, you’ll also see an alert in your EMR interface in the way of an exclamation point next to your Patients tab, as well as a red “Unconfirmed Enrollments” listing in the settings cog dropdown of your Active Patients page.

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