Is My Enrollment Form Secure?

If you’ve had questions from your patients about whether or not it’s safe to enter their secure information on your website’s enrollment form, you can answer them with confidence.

The answer is yes, it’s absolutely safe.

That’s because the enrollment form runs over HTTPS, which is the encrypted and safe approach for websites. The form is embedded into your own website, however, which means that if you don’t have an HTTPS connection there, the browser would only show the HTTP in the address bar, not HTTPS.

This would seem unsafe for some users, but all the information is being encrypted because of the actual form’s own HTTPS connection. So it’s a matter of perception for your patients in the end!

You might prefer to order a security certificate precisely because of that perception – many practices using the EMR do, in fact. You should talk to your web developer about this, as they will be able to help you with next steps.

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