How Do I Manage My Dashboard?

From your dashboard, you’re given an overview of your entire account, including clinic information, patient files, your calendar/schedule, pharmacies, outstanding balances, tasks, prescriptions, recent account activity, and emails.

Customizing Your Dashboard

You have control over what sections are displayed on your dashboard. To add or remove an items, click the plus sign on the page, where you’ll be given a list of options. To add an item to your dashboard, click the “+”. To remove an item, click the “x.” Then click save to implement your changes, or cancel to dismiss.

Arranging Your Dashboard

You can expand or condense these sections if you wish to see more or less information on your dashboard. The items will automatically rearrange themselves to best fit your screen. You can also manually rearrange the items by dropping and dragging them to their intended position. As you do so, the other items will adjust accordingly. (The drag and drop feature is only active on the desktop.)

Working with Your Responsive Dashboard

As you interact with the application, you’ll likely be switching between devices, including your desktop, tablet and phone. The application adjusts with you – giving you the optimal viewing experience regardless of your screen size. Read more about the responsiveness of the application here.

Managing Your Dashboard

Some of the below have an arrow at the bottom of their panels that indicate pagination. Click the arrow to load the next group of items.


From the dashboard, you can view today, your week, or the entire month. You can add an appointment by clicking the “plus” icon, or by clicking anywhere on the calendar. Clicking on an existing appointment will bring up the details, along with the options to delete or edit them.


The prescriptions panel shows you the latest prescriptions you’ve either dispensed or prescribed. The condensed version shows you the patient’s name, what their prescription was for, and the quantity. The expanded panel shows a bit more detail, including when the prescription was dispensed or prescribed. You can click the patient’s name to go to their chart, where you can refill the prescription.

Recent Activity

This panel gives you a 30,000 foot view of what’s been happening inside It includes who was doing the action, who the action was about, what they did, and when.


The task panel on the dashboard provides an overview of your tasks. It shows any overdue tasks at the top of the list, followed by those due next, and finally those tasks without a due date assigned. You can see when the due date is/was (and how far overdue it is), the task itself, and who the task was assigned to. You can also add a new task from the dashboard by clicking the plus icon. Clicking the patient’s name takes you to a list of all activity related to that patient, which you can then manage. Please note you cannot mark a task as complete from the dashboard – this must be done from the patient’s page.


The inbox panel on the dashboard shows recent communication you’ve had with patients. It will show phone calls, emails, SMS messages and social correspondence. The icon next to the item will denote which type of correspondence it was. You can click the inbox line to see the full message, including attachments and files. If a piece of information isn’t assigned to a patient, you may assign it from the dashboard by clicking the inbox item, and then “assign to a patient.” You may also delete the piece of correspondence from the dashboard panel.


This panel shows your clinic information, summarized. Click to view your calendar information, and update your profile information in one click.

Favorite patients

If you’ve favorited patients in their charts, their names will show up here for quick and easy access to them right from your dashboard. Clicking on any patient name will take you to their full chart.

Upcoming Birthdays

This widget lists upcoming birthdays for patients that the doctor is responsible for.

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