User Types

In the EMR, you have several choices for the type of each user on your account. In addition to Physician, you also have Doctor of Pharmacy, Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, Nurse, Staff Member and Pharmacy Technician. This article outlines the permissions of each.

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Doctor and Doctor of Pharmacy

The physician as well as the Doctor of Pharmacy has permission and access to all features.

Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant

The Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant both have the same level of access as a Doctor, however they’ll have a “Supervising Physician” entered under their user.

Nurse, Staff and Pharmacy Technician

A Nurse, Staff Member or Pharmacy Technician has different permissions within the EMR.

A Nurse can’t write prescriptions or request labs on their own, however, they can do both things in the name of another Doctor. The Doctor the Nurse is ordering or requesting for will receive an email notification when an action is taken in their name.

A Staff Member cannot request labs, or prescribe medications (even in the name of a Doctor). A Staff Member has basic level access.

A Pharmacy Technican has the same permission access as a Nurse, which means they can write prescription in someone else’s name.

Levels of User Access

The EMR has two layers of access for all users.

  • Access to global billing: As the name implies, users without this can only view individual billing pages for specific patients, but they can’t see the global billing pages from the clinic, including reports, overall listings and things of that nature.
  • User Roles: All users can be either an Account Administrator or a Regular User. An Account Administrator has access to account-wide settings and can manage other users.

How to Edit User Types and Roles

You can edit a user type or role by going to the Account > Users page, by adding or editing existing users.

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