How Can I Customize Labs Pricing?

If you’re integrated with a lab, you can customize pricing so it matches the quotes you receive.

Since each clinic operates a little differently, accounts for each case individually.

Each clinic is given individual lab prices by Quest, Labcorp, ELLKAY, or their preferred labs provider, and the first time you request labs, you’ll be prompted to enter those quoted prices. will remember the price you entered so it’ll be ready to go the next time you order that particular lab.

If you prefer to add a batch of your default prices all at once, you can do so easily by:

  • Navigating to Account and then Lab Prices
  • The resulting list includes all available labs you can order, including their prices in the column to the right
  • Further to the right, you’ll notice a pencil icon when you hover over a particular lab
  • Click that pencil icon to enter a custom price, and then click Save Price

If you’re fortunate enough to be provided a spreadsheet (.xls or .csv) of your labs pricing, you can use the labs prices importer tool to upload everything all at once.

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