Schedule Delivery of Custom Emails, Texts and Tweets

Not only can you send patients emails, texts and Twitter Direct Messages from right inside the app, but you can schedule them to distribute sometime in the future as well, serving as a method of follow up, or reminder.

From the patient’s chart, click on their profile, and then the method of contact you’re using, which can be Twitter DM, email, or SMS.

When you click the “Schedule delivery” checkbox in the process above, you’ll notice the default distribution timeline is set for seven (7) days; you may edit this to any length of time you prefer.

Communication Not Going Through?

There are lots of reasons why your emails might not go through, but it’s most likely because your patient’s spam filter is holding things up. So make sure your patient has added your email address to their contacts! For more tips on making sure your emails go through as smoothly as possible, hop over here.

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