Schedule Delivery of Custom Emails and Texts

Atlas not only allows you to send patients emails and texts, but it also allows you to schedule them ahead of time to be sent at some point in the future. Generally this feature is used as a method of following up with patients or sending reminders.

To schedule a message, head to the chart of the patient you’d like to contact, select their profile, then click on “Contact Details.” Select the contact method that you’d like to schedule, then type in the subject and message that you’d like to send.

To ensure that the message is sent at a later date, click the “Schedule delivery” checkbox, and then set how many days from now you’d like the message to be delivered.

Communication Not Going Through?

If your message isn’t going through, it’s most likely because your patient’s spam filter is holding things up. To get around this, make sure your patient has added your email address to their contacts. For more tips on making sure your emails go through as smoothly as possible, check out this article that we wrote on the subject.

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