How Do I Manage Billing? puts you in charge of your revenue stream. It’s built for doctors practicing a subscription model of care with additional costs. Subscribers will be billed monthly and sent an electronic monthly statement indicating any additional charges. On top of that, tracks phone/text/email correspondences by patient, so that everyone knows how much of your time has been allocated to their care. takes this huge thing called Billing and breaks it down into small, automated, manageable steps. So manageable, in fact, that when you use the in-app billing feature, you’ll only need the help of a part-time accountant; takes care of the rest.

If this sounds too good to be true, take a minute to consider how it’s possible.

  • helps you get the details set from the beginning. When you set up a brand new patient, you enter all their information, including how much they’ll be billed monthly, and whether or not this will automatically adjust based on their age, or if you’ll make those transitions manually.
  • There are no third party insurance companies muddling things up, so your billing correspondence goes straight from you to your patient and vice versa.
  • Your patients’ invoices will include: the monthly charges for the upcoming month as well as the incidental charges from the previous month. Payments can be applied at any time during the month, and the charges will automatically adjust. Any employee discounts will be applied at the end of the month, and you can opt to send out invoices automatically.
  • You can choose which day of the month your patients are billed on
  • Your clients will receive automatic notifications regarding payment confirmation, or an unsuccessful transaction (expired card, declined card, insufficient data, etc.)


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