How do families work?

Enrolling a family to your clinic is an efficient way to group patients and bill accordingly.

How to Enroll Patients as a Family

Patients can be enrolled as a family during the actual enrollment process, and members of the family are associated by last name. If members of the family are enrolled at different times, you can associate the new family member with the rest of the family by entering the appropriate “Family Name” in their patient profile.

In cases where there are multiple families with the same last name, additional verification steps will be required to confirm the patient is being added to the correct family.

Family Billing

The charges for each patient are grouped and included on one invoice, itemized on the invoice itself so patients know what the charges are for.

Head of Household

If multiple family members are listed, a Head of Household will need to be designated. The Head of Household (HOH) will be the primary contact in matters regarding the family. (Read more on how to establish or edit the HOH in this article.)

Families and the iOS Patient Access Mobile App

When inviting families to the patient access iOS mobile app, only the HOH can be invited to create an account. This helps minimize confusion from having multiple family members with access to the app and potentially accessing it at the same time.

If you attempt to invite a member of the family to the iOS patient access app, but don’t see the invite link present in their chart, it’s either because that person is not the HOH and therefore you can’t invite them to the app, or they are the HOH and have already been invited to the app. Either way, the invite link won’t be present.

Additionally, the HOH can set and manage appointments for other family members using the patient access app. The notification emails the primary doctor receives will disclose who has requested the appointment for whom.

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