How Do Families Work?

Enrolling a family to your clinic is an efficient way to group patients together and bill them accordingly.

How to Enroll Patients as Family

There are two different ways you can go about enrolling patients as a family. You can group all of them together during the actual enrollment process, or enter them individually after the fact.

To enroll a patient as a family member individually, head to their chart, select their patient profile, click “Edit Record”, and then “Add to Family.”

Type in the family name you would like to enroll the patient under. If the family already exists, Atlas will also let you know which family members are currently enrolled. Once you’ve found the family you want to enroll the patient with, click “Submit”.

Managing the Family

Once you’ve added a patient to a family, you’ll be brought to the Family Management page where you can view and manage all of the patients currently in that family. Here you’ll be able to determine who the Head of Household is, the patients’ date of birth as well as their current status of enrollment in Atlas.

You can easily remove a patient from a family by hovering over the trash can icon on the right and clicking “Remove member from family.”

You can access the Family Management page by heading to a patient’s profile and clicking on their family name. A dropdown list containing all members of that family will appear. Click on “Manage Family” at the bottom of that list to open the Family Management page.

Head of Household

If multiple family members are listed, you’ll need to designate a Head of Household. The Head of Household (HoH) will be the primary contact in matters regarding the family and is responsible for handling the payments of all family members. (Read more on how to establish or edit the HoH in this article.)

Renaming a Family

You can rename the family from the Family Management Page. Select the gear icon in the right-hand corner of the screen, then click on “Rename Family.”

Once you’ve typed in the new family name, click “Submit”, and the new family name will now be reflected across all family patient profiles.

Family Billing

Grouping patients into families also simplifies billing. Each family gets only one billing page, consolidating billing from all members. The charges for each patient are grouped and included on one invoice and itemized on the invoice itself so patients know what the charges are for.

The easiest way to view the Billing page is by clicking on the $ symbol on the sidebar area of the Head of Household’s patient chart. This will bring you to the billing profile of the entire family.

Once on the Billing page, under Subscriptions, you’ll be able to the patients currently enrolled as family members and details such as Monthly Fees, Charge Frequency and Times Charged.

Families and the iOS Patient Access Mobile App

When inviting families to the patient access iOS mobile app, only the Head of Household can be invited to create an account. This helps minimize confusion from having multiple family members with access to the app and potentially accessing it at the same time.

If you attempt to invite a member of the family to the iOS patient access app, but don’t see the invite link present in their chart, it’s either because that person is not the Head of Household and therefore you can’t invite them to the app, or they are the Head of Household and have already been invited to the app. Either way, the invite link won’t be present.

Additionally, the Head of Household can set and manage appointments for other family members using the patient access app. The notification emails the primary doctor receives will disclose who has requested the appointment for whom.

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