How Can I Designate and Update the Head of Household?

If you have multiple family members enrolled with your account, you’ll need to designate a Head of Household (HoH). The role of the HoH is to handle all family billing and act as a primary point of contact in matters regarding family members.

You can select a Head of Household during the enrollment process, but if you need to change or update the HoH, you can do that anytime from the Family Management page.

You can access the Family Management page by heading to a patient’s profile and clicking on their family name. A dropdown list containing all members of that family will appear. Click on “Manage Family” at the bottom of that list to open the Family Management page.

Once there, click on the gear icon in the right-hand corner of the screen, and then “Change Head of Household.”

Simply select the family member that you would like to be the HoH and click “Save.”

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