Managing Patient Subscriptions

When your patients enroll with your practice they have multiple options for the length of their subscription period, all of which are fully supported by EMR billing practices. Select from yearly subscription, monthly subscription, quarterly subscription (every 3 months) and semestral subscription (every 6 months) options.

Setting the Subscription Length Period

From your patient’s billing details page, find the Subscription pane. When you click the “Edit” pencil icon, you’ll notice a “Charge Frequency” option there where you can see what’s currently set.

From the patient’s billing details page, you can set the subscription period for new subscriptions by clicking the plus sign icon. If you have a patient who has an existing subscription set and you’d like to change it, simply create a new subscription from their billing page and delete the old one.

In addition, you can set default pricing tiers by going to Account > Pricing Tiers.

Choose Which Subscription Options You Offer

You have control over which subscription types your patients can see when they enroll. You may choose to only allow one, some, or all of the options. Simply go to go to Account > Settings > Patient Enrollment > View/Edit. Then select the payment options (monthly, 3mo, 6mo, yearly) you want to allow patients to see.

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