Managing Patient Subscriptions

When your patients enroll with your practice, they can choose multiple subscription options and the frequency of their subscription period, all of which are fully supported by EMR billing practices.

Choose between fixed-rate pricing and age-based pricing, and select from monthly, quarterly (every 3 months), semestral (every 6 months), and yearly subscription options.

Adding a New Subscription

To add a new subscription and choose your subscription type and frequency:

  • Head to your patient’s billing details page and find the Subscriptions section
  • Click on the plus icon in the upper right corner
  • Choose your Subscription type from the dropdown menu. Choose between age-based, plan-based, and custom subscription types.
  • Next, select the Invoice label – the label that will appear on patient invoices
  • Then, under Charge Frequency, choose the desired subscription frequency – monthly, every 3 months, every 6 months, or yearly
  • If you’d like to charge the subscription this month, check the appropriate box
  • And if you’d like to prorate this month’s charge, check the appropriate box
  • Once you’re happy with your selection, click Save

If a subscription already exists and you would like to change the frequency period, you’ll have to first delete it and then add a new subscription. Since the plan might have been used in billing, this is done to ensure that old billing doesn’t appear incorrectly. 

Choose Which Subscription Options You Offer

You have control over which subscription types your patients can see when they enroll. To limit or broaden their options:

  • Click on Account then Settings from the top navigation
  • Scroll down to Patient Enrollment, then select View and Update Settings
  • Under Subscription options available for enrollment, select the options you’d like your patients to see
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