How Do I Enable Phone Services?

Utilizing the phone services inside will help you connect with patients however it’s convenient for them – and you! Here are the capabilities of the phone services, and how to set them up.

Phone services allow you to communicate easily with patients wherever you are. You can start SMS conversations from inside and continue them on the go, from your own mobile phone. All related communication will be tagged to your patient’s chart.

In order to enable these services, you’ll need to first select a a new and unique phone number. This number will be used on all patient interactions and you’ll be kept in the loop of everything; will forward correspondence to your personal phone number.

Registering With Phone Carriers can send SMS notifications – such as appointment reminders – to all your patients from the get-go without any extra effort on your part. If you want a more enriched SMS experience with two-way patient conversations, however, you’ll need to enable Phone Services.

Before you can enable Phone Services for your account, you first have to register with phone carriers. Luckily, you can do this directly within your account. Check out this support article for steps on how to do it.

Choosing a Phone Number

From your account profile page, select “Phone Services” and enter the area code and zip code. Then click “Search Phone Number” and will suggest a new number that meets your specifications. Choose any of the available numbers from the resulting list, and click “Pick Phone Number.”

Directing Your Phone Number

Now that you’ve selected an phone number, you’ll need to tell us how to direct your phone calls and text messages.

Follow the prompts to enter your personal phone number in the “Number the app will call” field. Every time you call a patient using, it will connect you through this phone number. It should be the same number you’ve entered in your profile.

Forwarding SMS messages:

Enter a phone number where you’d like to receive and send SMS/text correspondence with patients.

Forwarding calls during office hours

In your profile, you set your office hours. This is the number your patients will reach during those specified hours if they call your phone number.

Forwarding calls outside office hours

When you’re away, you can direct your phone calls to this number outside office hours. This could be an office phone with voicemail, or another physician’s phone number.

Caller ID

This is what will show up when you call a patient using your phone number. To get this number to show up, you must initiate the correspondence from inside

Click “Save” and you’re done! You can edit this information at any time by going back into “Phone Services” from your profile page.

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