Fitness Integration - Validic

What is Validic?

Validic is used to track all aspects of fitness and health. Not an app itself, it simply runs in the background of your designated fitness applications. Before you can use it, you will have to authorize Validic to move data from your apps or devices to Atlas, after which it will be able to collect valuable information and send the data directly to your patient’s Vitals and Stats page inside Your patients won’t even know it’s there!

“Accelerate access of clinical and fitness patient data for better insights to drive better outcomes and efficient patient population management.” -Validic

What Does Validic Integrate With? via Validic integrates with popular fitness apps, wearables, smart bands, and clinical devices. This means you’ll be able to access almost any wearable device and app out there as long as they’re available through Validic. This includes Fitbit, Adidas, Map My Fitness and many more. Check out the full list here.

Why is Validic Useful for DPC Docs?

Validic is a great way to be proactive in helping your patients obtain and maintain healthy lifestyles. By helping them analyze their daily fitness patterns and health metrics, you can also help them identify areas for improvement. Using the metrics that are effortlessly tracked and delivered right to, you can be there for your patients every single day. Literally.

How Can I Connect My Patients Via Validic?

Connecting your patients to Validic is achievable in just a couple quick steps, and starts with sending an invitation. First, navigate to your patient’s chart. Click the “Vitals and Stats” sidebar button, and select “Validic” integration. At that point, an invitation is sent to your patient – it contains an invitation link your patient will need to click to accept. Once the invitation is accepted, your patient will be taken to Validic’s marketplace to select the devices and apps they want to connect to. Here you will be directed to the participating app’s or device’s authorization page, where they’ll allow us access to their fitness information and health data via the apps they personally use. When all this is done, you’ll receive an email notification confirming a successful connection!

Once this process is complete, will begin monitoring the data provided by Validic and display the information in the “Vitals and Stats” page in your patient’s chart. updates the fitness stats for patients on a daily basis.


If you have questions about connecting your patients to Validic, please reach out to If you have tips or advice on how you’ve found Validic to be helpful, please feel free to share it with the rest of the community over on the forum.

Still stuck? Shoot us an email and we'll do our best to help.