To refill a prescription, click “Refills” from the “Prescription” top level navigation menu.

This brings up a list of all medications which have refills ordered to them. When you hover over the line item in question, you’ll notice an icon appear to the far right. Clicking it will give you the options to contact the patient, prescribe the medication again, or dismiss the refill.

You can also take this action from the patient’s profile page. When viewing the prescription details, if it’s dispensable, you’ll have the option to dispense and print labels. If it’s a non-dispensable prescription, you’ll have the option to Fax and Print the prescription.

Refilling and Prescribing Again

Clicking the “Prescribe Again” button allows you you start a prescription that’s exactly the same as what you’re viewing on screen; duplicating every setting.

The “Refill” button creates a new prescription with the medications that still have refills due; it will subtract the refills number for the medications until that number is fully depleted.

Editing a Prescription

Editing an existing prescription and writing a new prescription are not the same thing. Editing the prescription directly affects your inventory, and the patient’s history. When editing a prescription, you’ll be prompted to confirm this is the action you want to take, rather than creating a brand new prescription. If you do want to create a new prescription instead of editing, you’ll have the option to use the existing prescription as a template for a new one. Simply follow the on-screen prompts.


When you order refills on prescriptions, you’ll be notified of when they need to be completed. Helping you do your job better, and making it easier at the same time.

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