This page gathers content from your external points of contact with patients. It brings everything together in one place.

Messages will remain here unless you specifically assign them to patients.

You can filter your messages by “All” “Unread” or “Read” categories.

The icon associated with the message shows the actual means of communication with the patient. Twitter, phone call, email, or text. The list also shows who contacted whom, and how long ago the communication took place.

To assign a specific piece of communication to a patient, click the checkbox by the action, and then click “Assign to Patient.” Moving forward, that email, phone call, text or Tweet will show up in the flow on that particular patient’s page.

To delete a piece of communication, click the checkbox next to the action, and click “Delete Message”

To Contact the patient, click the checkbox next to the action, and click “Contact Patient.” This will take you to a list of options by which you can choose the best one to communicate with your patient.

Click here for more information on External Communication.

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