The Patient App

The Patient app connects you with your patients, making it easier than ever for them to communicate with you.

With the app, patients can reach you at their convenience, pay their bills and manage other billing details, and self-schedule and manage appointments directly from their mobile devices.

Downloading the App

The Patient App is supported on both Apple and Android devices. Patients can download the app here:

Download the Patient App for iPhone
Download the Patient App for Android

Self-Scheduling Appointments

The Patient App allows patients to self-schedule an appointment with you according to the time slots you’ve made available.

If you don’t want to allow patients to request appointments, you can opt out from your profile.

To do this, open up your profile from the left-hand sidebar, then click Edit Profile. Select the dropdown menu under Allow patients to schedule appointments, then choose your preference.

Managing Billing

The Patient App gives patients complete control of their billing and allows them to add credit cards, link bank accounts, make payments, and track invoices.

Contact Details

The Patient App displays all of your clinic’s contact information and methods of getting in touch with you.

Patients can contact you in the following ways:

  • Call you directly
  • Call your clinic
  • Send your clinic an email
  • Send you an email
  • Send you a text

Health Monitoring

If your patient is using the iOS version of the Patient App, they can opt to enable health monitoring, which will send data from their Health app directly to you.

All gathered data will be aggregated and displayed on the Vitals and Stats page in your patient’s chart, where you can view and interact with it.

Resetting Your Patient’s Password

If your patient has forgotten their password and can’t recover it, you can help them set a new one by sending them a reset password link.

Once the patient has clicked the link, they can then choose a new password and use this to access their account.

Still stuck? Shoot us an email and we'll do our best to help.