How to Interact with Vitals and Stats

To keep track of patient vitals and integrate data from health apps like Fitbit and Validic, go to the Vitals & Stats section of your patient’s chart, which is accessible from the patient’s sidebar.

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Fitbit and Validic

You can integrate your patients’ Fitbit and Validic accounts with to compile a well rounded view of their health status. Read more about how to set up, and use Fitbit and Validic here.

Manually Enter Vitals

You can manually enter your patient’s vital stats by clicking the plus sign in the upper right hand corner. Available entries include temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, pulse, height and weight. The information can be broken down and viewed by multiple time frames, including year, month, or even one week using the buttons below the data field.

To make entering and referencing vitals quick and efficient, you can use the #vitals macro for pulling the latest vitals from the patient right to the patient record. (Click here for more information on using macros.)

To provide the most comprehensive view of the patient’s health, manually entered vitals are merged with data from the integrated fitness devices like Fitbit, or from data collected through a Validic device.

To switch to the metric system, click Settings from the Account tab. Then select Clinic Information, where you’ll be able to make the adjustment.

Editing Vitals and Stats

You can also edit or remove information entered in the Vitals and Statistics section. This support article explains how.

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