Editing Vitals & Statistics

Vitals & Stats are a fantastic way of tracking your patient’s health metrics over time – provided they’re correct and accurate.

If, for whatever reason, incorrect Vitals & Stats data gets entered, or the data is entered for the wrong patient, you can easily edit it or remove it from the patient’s chart altogether.

Here’s how:

Editing or Removing an Entry

  • Start by heading to your patient’s chart
  • Select the Vitals & Stats icon on the sidebar – it’s the one that looks like two chart arrows
  • To edit or remove Vitals & Stats information, click the Details button for the metric you’d like to adjust
  • The resulting page shows a list of all the information entered to date
  • To edit an entry, hover over the row then click the pencil icon
  • To remove an entry, hover over the row then click the trash can icon

You can also enter more than one set of data per day to account for re-readings, etc.

And that’s it! For more information about what you can do with Vitals & Stats, check out these articles:

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