SMS Auto-Responder

When you’re on vacation, or out of the office for any reason, you can set an auto-response SMS message to automatically respond to patients who send you an SMS message during that time.

How to Set Up Your SMS Auto-Response

To set your SMS auto-response, go to your profile and select “Phone Services.” From there, check the box designated for “Enable SMS auto-reply.” Once selected, you can also set how long you want the auto-response to run. Enter the date you’d like it to stop in the “Unavailable Until:” field. The message will run until midnight of that date, at which point they’ll disable automatically.

Next, enter your auto-response message in the appropriate field, and you’re done!

A final note. Patients will receive your auto-response only once a day to avoid overwhelming them with automatic messages. Meaning once they’ve received your auto-response once, they won’t receive it again until the next day, even if they text you again that same day.

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