Organizing Lab Panels

You can create organize your lab panels based on which tests you use most frequently.

Creating a New Lab Panel

From your Account drop down, select “Lab Panels.” (Don’t see it? You need to have your account integrated with Quest or LabCorp, first.) To add a new lab panel, click the plus sign icon in the upper right corner. Give the panel a name and let the auto-complete feature help you select tests to include in the panel. Once you’ve included all the tests for the panel, click “Add Lab Panel.” (You can remove a test before saving the panel by clicking the trash can icon next to the test name.)

Using a Saved Lab Panel

From the patient’s chart, you’ll request Labs as usual. From the “Add Lab Panel” drop down, simply select the preferred panel and the included tests will appear. You can add additional tests at that point, or remove tests to further customize the request. Once the request is set, click “Next Step” to complete the process.

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