My Phone Number is Changing. How Can I Update It?

Once you enable Phone Services in and register with the phone carriers, you’re assigned your own phone number.

Moving forward, will use this phone number to communicate with patients using whatever alternative number you designate (for example, your cell phone, or your office phone).

Your number cannot be altered once it’s created. You can, however, update or change the alternative number uses to reach you.

Here’s another look at the flow of this process:

  • When you call a patient through, the app first calls the designated phone number you’ve set in your forwarding preferences.
  • Once you answer, calls your patient and connects the two of you like a regular phone call.
  • This correspondence is recorded in your patient’s chart.

You can set/update this phone number by heading to your dashboard, clicking on the profile icon in the upper left, then selecting Edit Profile.

Scroll down to Mobile Phone Number then update it as needed.

Regardless of how many times you update the forwarding preferences on your account, past data will be stored within; you don’t have to worry about losing data, as long as your correspondence is initially through your phone number.

Still stuck? Shoot us an email and we'll do our best to help.