How to Send an Email From Inside Your Account.

To create and send an email from inside your account, first go to the patient’s profile. From the sidebar, view the patient’s contact information. When you click on the patient’s email address, the resulting pop up box allows you to enter the subject and body content for your email. When finished with your message, you can either send the email right away, or schedule it to distribute in the future. Alternatively, you can opt to send the email from your preferred email client.

Schedule Appointment Reminders, or Follow Up Emails

By scheduling an email to distribute in the future, you can set appointment reminders, or follow up emails while you’re still visiting with the patient. When you click the “Schedule delivery” checkbox in the process above, you’ll notice the default distribution timeline is set for seven (7) days; you may edit this to any length of time you prefer.

Changing your outgoing email address

To select your preferred outgoing email address, simply go to your Profile > Outgoing Email Settings. The “Other” option allows you to enter whatever email address you want. The default “Other” option is your user’s IMAP email address – which is often the email address that users would like to show up on their outgoing emails.

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