Distributing Bulk Emails To Patients

There are two ways to distribute bulk emails to patients: using a third party, or from directly inside Atlas. In this article you’ll learn how to to distribute a bulk email to patients using a third party. (Click here to learn how to do it from inside Atlas.)

First export a list of your patients, then send the email using your third party of choice, such as Mail Chimp or Campaign Monitor.

Exporting Your Patient List
You’ll need to export your patients’ data in order to import it into your email distribution service. From the “Patients” tab, click the settings icon in the upper righthand corner. From the resulting dropdown, select “Export Patient Details.” You can then choose which data should be included in the export. The recommended information is first name, last name and email. Then choose which doctors’ patients should be included in the export, and click “Export.” The file will export into a .csv format, which you can then upload into your email distribution application.

Third Party Emailing Services
Email distribution services are reliable ways to send bulk emails because they often allow you to collect data on who has viewed, opened, clicked and even deleted your emails. Here are two recommended services:

Once you’ve set up an account and created your campaign, there will come a point where you’ll need to upload a distribution list. Use the patient data list you exported, and send your email.

If you have additional questions on distributing bulk emails to patients, please contact support.

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