How Can I Update the Email Address I’m Using Inside the App?

You can add/update your email address from your profile page, which is accessible from the sidebar. Click “Edit Profile” and then follow the prompts to give the app permission to populate your correspondence within the app.

Should you need to update your email address, the previous information pulled from email correspondence using the old address will be stored by the app. Upon connecting with the new address, we’ll attempt to fetch everything available in your IMAP mailbox.

Email Connection

Mailbox connection only works with IMAP setups – the app does not support POP connections. Here’s more information on how it works: uses an automated process to connect to your inbox via IMAP. will occasionally check your email, and if it finds a message to or from an address it recognizes as a patient (because you will have noted it as such), it will tag it to the patient’s chart.

The application will make a secure connection if it’s an option on your account. Only messages that are from or to the known address of a patient are downloaded or even opened. The rest are completely ignored.

As always, takes the security and confidentiality of your data incredibly seriously. We use the same email addresses to talk to our family and friends as well as patients just like you probably do. That other information about other correspondence in our mailboxes, and yours, never gets examined, opened, or recorded in any way.

In the event finds an email that could be associated with more than one patient (a family of three only uses one email address, for example) it will prompt you to answer a quick series of questions to make sure the correspondence is tagged to the correct patient. Just a quick confirmation, and you’re back at it.

Still stuck? Shoot us an email and we'll do our best to help.