Export Patient Information

From the “Patients” tab, click the settings icon in the upper righthand corner. From the resulting dropdown, select “Export Patient Details.” You can then choose which data should be included in the export. The recommended information is first name, last name and email, especially if you’re using the list to distribute mass emails using a 3rd party system. You can also choose to include specific pieces of Health Maintenance data by selecting the appropriate boxes. Next, choose which doctors’ patients should be included in the export. Finally, you have the option to include or leave out those patients who have not consented to non-secure methods of communication.

To export the list with your filter settings in place, click “Export.” The file will export into a CSV format, which is readable in Excel and other spreadsheet applications.

This is also the process you’ll go through if you need to export all your patient information. You can export the information for each patient individually, or you can reach out to support@atlas.md so we can provide you a link to download all your patient information in one batch.

Review Patient Subscription Income

Exporting patient information is also a great way to track and review your subscription fees. When you export following the instructions above, simply check the box to include “Subscription details” to include relevant information in your .CSV. The resulting file will include a column for subscription frequency and fee.


Looking for information on sharing specific patient information via email, direct download, or print? Details on all that over here.

Still stuck? Shoot us an email and we'll do our best to help.