Mobile lets you take your practice on the go with you and communicate with patients wherever you are – it gives you the features you need most in the palm of your hand.

Here’s how to use it:


To message a patient using Mobile:

  • Tap the menu icon, then Patients
  • Select the patient in question, then tap Send a Message
  • Compose your message, and once you’re happy, tap Send

You can find unread messages from patients displayed on the home screen or by tapping the menu icon, then Messages.

You can also view the message by opening up your patient’s entire profile in the browser app by tapping Open in

When you install Mobile, your patient messages will be delivered to the app via push notification.

To customize this:

  • Head to your user profile
  • Select the Phone Services button, then adjust the Message Forward Settings
  • Here you can choose how you’d like to receive the messages—push notifications, SMS, or both


Your appointments are displayed on the home screen of Mobile.

To view them in more detail, tap View All Appointments or tap the menu icon, then Appointments. From here you can cycle between different days using the arrows to either side of the current date, then select the appointment in question.

To add an appointment to your device’s calendar, tap Add to My Calendar. You’ll have to give the app permission to access your calendar.

You can also view the appointment in the browser app by tapping Open in


To view your tasks, tap the menu icon, then Tasks

Here you can see all of your pending tasks as well as the completed ones. You can complete a task simply by tapping the box next to it, after which it will be moved to the completed list.

To add a new task:

  • Tap the Add New Task button
  • Enter the patient the task concerns, the doctor responsible, the due date, and a description of the task
  • Once you’re happy with your selection, tap Add Task
  • The new task will appear in your task list and you can interact with it as you would tasks in the browser app
Still stuck? Shoot us an email and we'll do our best to help.