Atlas Consult

Atlas Consult connects primary care providers with specialists for remote medical opinions. It allows you to reach out to specialists, add them to a central database, and contact them whenever you have a query. Atlas Consult is designed to save time by eliminating the need for in-person consultations and the costs associated with it. All cases, including the billing, are handled remotely, directly in

Inviting a Consultant

To invite a doctor to be a consultant, start by heading to a patient’s chart, clicking on the plus icon in the upper right corner then “Atlas Consult Case.” This will bring you to the Consultants Page. From here, click “Invite Consultant” in the upper right corner, enter their email address in the empty field, then click “Send Email.”

We’ll notify you whether or not the doctor accepts the invitation. Once they accept and register their API and data, they will then appear on the Atlas Consult page and be available for consultation.

For more information about requesting specialist feedback, click here.

For more information about providing feedback as a consultant, click here.

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