Providing Feedback as a Specialist in Atlas Consult

Accepting an Invitation and Creating an Account

If a doctor using has added you a specialist, you will receive an email asking you to join Atlas Consult. To accept this invitation, simply follow the instructions in the email. You will need to enter your NPI number and some personal data including the field or fields that you specialize in before you can begin consulting.

Once you enter this information, an account will be created for you, and you will be brought to the Atlas Consult dashboard. This interface is where you view, manage and respond to any queries or questions from doctors.

Providing Feedback

Once a doctor sends a request for a consultation, it will appear on the Cases page, where you have the option to accept or reject it. On this page, you can also review the history of any case and the content attached to it.

The case contains patient health data pertinent to the case, as well as any notes or supporting material the doctor requesting the consultation thinks is relevant.

To reject the case, simply click on the “Reject Case” button in the upper right corner and give a reason for the rejection.

To accept the case, click on the “Send Message” button in the upper right corner. Enter your opinion about the case, and include any attachments that you think may be relevant by clicking on “Attach Files”. Once you’re satisfied with your reply, click “Save.”

The reply will now be sent to the doctor who requested it. The case history on your interface will also be updated with the reply, and you’ll no longer have the option to reject the case.

Once the doctor receives your reply, they will then review it and determine whether or not it satisfies their original question. Once the doctor resolves the case, the patient’s chart will be updated with the information you provided, and the billing fees for the consultation will be automatically generated and handled by Funds will be transferred to the consultant at the time of case resolution, and payments will be made to consultants once a week on Mondays.

If the doctor isn’t completely satisfied with the reply, they may send you another message and keep the conversation going until the consultation reaches a conclusion.

Still stuck? Shoot us an email and we'll do our best to help.