Requesting Feedback from a Consultant in Atlas Consult

To request a specialist’s opinion, head to a patient’s chart, click on the plus icon in the upper right corner, then select “Atlas Consult Case.”

This will bring you to the Atlas Consultants page which displays a list of available consultants. To start a consultation, simply click on the name of a doctor.

The following pop-up displays the details related to the consultation including the name, state, and specialty of the doctor, as well as their consultation fee. If you’re happy with all the details, click “Start Consult.

Next, enter the question you have regarding the patient, and the patient data you would like to include. Here you can also attach any supporting files or documents that you think will support your case. You also have the option of waiving patient fees. When you’re happy with your selection, click “Add Case.”

The case will now be sent to the specialist and appear on the patient’s chart and on your dashboard under the Atlas Consult Cases widget.

Managing Cases

You can see a more detailed view of the case and the case history by heading to a patient’s chart and clicking on “View All Case Details”, or by selecting the case from the dashboard widget.

If you’d like to revise, edit, or delete your case, click the “Delete” button in the upper right corner.

Once you receive a reply from the specialist, and you’re confident that it satisfies your case query, you can resolve the case by clicking, “Mark as Resolved.” Once resolved, the case will close, the patient chart will be updated with the new information, and further communication with the specialist on this case won’t be possible.

Once the case has been resolved, will automatically handle the billing. If you didn’t waive the consultant fees, they will be added to the patient’s billing items as an incidental charge.

Unresolved Cases

If a case slips through the cracks and isn’t resolved after receiving a reply from the consultant, will send a couple of gentle reminders to let you know that the consultation is still ongoing. If the case goes unanswered for more than 7 days, will automatically resolve the case, notify you of the resolution via email, and then handle the billing accordingly.

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